Saturday, June 15, 2019

Career goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Career goals - Essay ExampleTo ensure my goal is achievable, I have an exceptional advantage in backing as my father,The most advantaged superiority for me to achieve the career goal is that my father, Mr. Duan Yongji, who is one of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs in China, and is extremely supportive of my business goals and donnish pursuits. will support me.MMy father is the As a founder of Stone Group and SINA Corporation , heand currently serves as both of these two companies as Chairmanperson and He is besides the President of Zhongguanchun Development, considered the Silicon Valley in Beijing. His different business activities includeThroughout my fathers twenty-three years in the business field, he has had push-down list of experience dealing in both practical and entrepreneurial management skills. His refusal to work within state operated companies in the early 1970s laid the al-Qaida for starting his own business. He has also experienced By endeavoured in t he business field for about 23 years, my father is full of experiences with practical task management skills and entrepreneurship. He was one of the first few of people who refused to work in the state operated companies and switched to ran their own businesses in the beginning of 1970s. He experienced the the whole process of seeing the Chinese economy move from athe closed market to anthe open market, which has only added to his skills in . Those precious experiences deems him sharpen in proper probability evaluation as well as the knowledge that isare required to run turn an idea into a sound business opportunity. Those preciousness experiences are also very important for me in the same time. As you know, my countrys economy has been growing as the worlds fastest for almost two decades the marketing is also changing fast. then(prenominal) to make a reliable perspective proposal before start seems more and more important than ever before. Through utilizing my fathers advice o n business decisions along with my education, I feel that My advantage is that I can get so many important information and valuable advices from discussing my proposal with my father andI can make a dependable plan for my future steps which is so important for a start-up company. And I could also share my fathers

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